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Aerosoft Night Environment France Preview!

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Today I will be showing pictures from our Encore version for Paris City,

This is our normal density of lights; and will most likely will become Level 4 for Paris city only!

It is very heavy on frames here on my development machine; and doesn’t comply with our standards,

But it is gorgeous this way; we hope that one day soon it will be flyable under P3D with no issues,

For now; we will tune Level 3 to comply to our performance standards

level 4 will be provided as novelty

this is how Paris will look on Level 4 fully rendered









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can someone please explain to my simple mind why it is that it takes more p.c. horsepower to make a night scene where 90% of the screen is black and therefore all the little pixels are not being told to do soemthing than it does to create a scene of say heathrow in the day.

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It looks super fantastic at Level "4", :thum:  :thum: although the E-tower looks like my Christmas tree lights. :D Wish there was a way to lessen the impact for more lights. Hopefully the future will bring us something. :)

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the captured images from the Sim don’t do justice to our work in Paris

i decided to render a little video for everyone to see Paris inflight

i am using in our Encore revision in this video (Level 4);

with FSET generated Photoreal for Paris

all sliders are maxed to the right

no special edits other than changing TOD or zooming


Watch in HD 1080p

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"Night south of Lyon" - Scene Photo FVFR Rhone-Alpes + Vogel Autogen Factory


"Evening at Strasbourg" - VFR Scene Photo FVFR Alsace 3DA


"Before dawn off Biarritz 1" - VFR Scene Photo FVFR Aquitaine 3DA




"Before dawn off Biarritz 2" - VFR Scene Photo FVFR Aquitaine 3DA


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