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Alabeo Piper PA-32 'Saratoga II' TC

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Hey Brett, I was thinking the very same thought.

The seating in thie a/c looks more comfy than ours in the lounge.

I nice looking cockpit also.

For only £19.00, it's a no brainer for me at least.

Cheers Andrew.

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Wow!  Carenado Alabeo really screwed up with this.  I fly a non-turboed Saratoga (https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N727GR) nearly every day as well as a turbo'd one less regularly.  


Neither one will ever, ever, ever get anywhere close to 10.5 gph.  The turbo'd one will rarely get below 26 gph.


Lastly, I have never seen anything as slow as 136 kts. cruise with no wind.  I flight plan 160 kts.


None of this is a dig on you.  I think Alabeo missed the mark.  The Saratoga is one of the most, if not the most, capable aircraft in its class.

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