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Hi again Flight simmers, Happy new year to you all. (not been on for a while - long storey)


i have a bit of a dilemma, i am not totally screwed but would like some help/advice please.


I recently gave up with my last PC as it was on XP albeit very stable (was a big fan of XP - never let me down!). I have invested in a newer tower with Win 7 pro 64bit after looking at the forums on here and deciding against Win8 for FSX.


I have installed my old SATA 500 GB hardrive out of my XP machine into my new Win7 machine and it is now my E: drive as a back up facility primarily. But as my FSX is on it my question is this.


Can i run FSX from my old C drive that still has XP on it at the moment, now my E: drive without issues or will it be a lot of problems. i can if needed install onto my new Win7 HD,(lots of room) but it wuld be a long process with all the addons,scenery airbases etc.


have tried a couple of times by using the .exe file in FSX on the E:drive but it comes up "Flight simulator cannot run because the version of microsoft directX installed on your PC is incompatible. please re install directX 9.0 by running Flight sim setup, or down load the current version from www.microsoft.com/directs"


is this coming from new system as it is directX11 or higher?

am i likely to come across more issues?

i have some knowledge of PC workings but by no means an expert - please be gentle with me :huh:

 i have trawled through the forums and similar topics have come up since the XP became unsupported in April but can't see any related to this. i can't believe i am the first to try this?!


i do/did intend to format the new E: drive until i realised i might be able to run alot of the programs off it.


any help would be appreciated !


thanks in advance :thum:



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Hi Alan, happy New Year!


You will need to do a complete re-install of FSX as other files necessary for it to run (in your old App Data and Program Data folders) will have been lost, or at the very least resident somewhere your E drive (if it was your old C drive) that will be unknown to the simulator.


There is no need to re format the drive unless there is a load of other 'rubbish' on there. Just make sure you defragment the drive after uninstalling FSX and maybe after too.





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Hi Joe,


Thanks for a quick reply. At least i didn't spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to get it to work on the E: drive. That was the dilemma.

i suppose it needed a clean out with lots of unused software.

that's my weekend sorted then !!!




Alan :thum:


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