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Leg 05: ENBR, Flesland - ESNN, Sundsvall-Harnosand

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And so I wake bleary eyed after not being able to catch much sleep the night before (someone thought it would be funny to fly a chinook around the airport at 4am!). It was once again my turn to take the baton and progress the challenge to the next stage. I knew that it had been coming and had planned on using a DC6, until Kasper bagged it.


After a bit of head scratching I decided to take the Lockheed Electra, she is great for cargo and this is one precious piece of cargo that I am hauling!


I wanted to get a nice early start to beat the morning rush, so with coffee in hand I jumped into the freezing cold cockpit and fired up the old girl once more



The clouds were gathering and the early indications from the weather report were that it was going to be a bumpy one



Without too much fuss I taxied out to the runway and took off into the early morning and climbed to a cruise height of 11,000 feet









It has to be said, the view outside was spectacular



Sadly though the view turned into blanket cover and the view was pretty rubbish. Being battered by rain, hail, snow and winds didn't make the ride any smoother either



As the sun rose and burned off some of the clouds the flight became a little easier, although the winds were still problematic around Oslo



If I had any passengers on board they would be enjoying the cloud formations outside now



But as the weather front caught up with me I returned to the soup



This was only a short flight and before long ATC were bringing me down and vectoring in for a landing. The visiibilty was great, but the gusting winds were making this old bird jump about like a scolded cat





Gear and flaps down, let's get ready to land



Wrestling with the controls to try and keep her in line with the runway, I can hear the baton rolling about in the back. Thankfully I have heard that they sell Airfix kits in the airport, so I can buy one and use the paint to touch up and scuffs on the baton







Does this count as an obstacle? This bridge just jumped up out of nowhere



A short video of the landing, a little off centre but any landing you can walk away from....




A short taxi in and it's time to unload the baton and try to find an Airfix kit with the correct colours!



Aircraft: Lockheed Electra by Mike Stone

Scenery: FTX Global

Weather: REX

Textures: REX





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A great flight, Rob - and great pics!    :)


> "...and fired up the old girl once more."


In a "freezing cold cockpit", too?! Makes the back of a Cortina seem positively luxurious (oops, giving my age away again....).    :P


But hopefully you had the chance to give the baton a bit of a touch up at Sundsvall-Harnosand.    :cool:





a.k.a. brian747


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Omg, omg...I'm on my way. I have arranged transport on an association member's C5 Galaxy...we will be hauling my bird over shortly. I should arrive tomorrow, weather permitting, or the next. We may have a layover in Canada before heading across Greenland to Sund-Harn. Apologies if I am holding you up.


Looks like you had a terrific flight. I hope the weather is at least as good for my leg.

See you there soon.

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Great Pirep Rob, Its nice to see the credits. Am I correct in thinking the aircraft is freeware?

@Bruce ...


"In a "freezing cold cockpit", too?! Makes the back of a Cortina seem positively luxurious (oops, giving my age away again....). "




I trust your mum was driving.  Otherwise what were you doing in the back seat?  :th_blush: 

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> "I trust your mum was driving. Otherwise what were you doing in the back seat?"

Hmm, OK. Clearly you had a more protected growing up time than I did, John.

Next time we meet I'll buy you a pint and fill you in on a few details which you have seemingly missed.... ;-)



a.k.a. brian747

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Rob, great to see you back in the ATWC, and a really good come back it was too...  :thum:


I shall have to revisit ESNN in the sim soon I think.. last time I flew there ORBX Vectors had missed the whole island the airport is on so it was all water besides the parts covered in tarmac... made for an interesting taxi though  ;)

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