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Has anyone got this aircraft?


I have installed it and an bu**ered if I can get it started!


I have tried Ctrl E, FSUIPC Engine autostart and just about everything else but the engines wont fire up, they do spool up but no ignition.


I must be doing something wrong but I cant think what it is! There is no checklist of procedures included to give me a clue as to what to do.


I also get four warning light up as soon as the aircraft is loaded GEN P and GEN S and CONS P and CONS S. and I cant get rid of them at all.  I keep thinking there is a clue with these lights but I have been through all the switches and buttons I can see but with no joy.


Can anyone help sort this issue please? 


Oh and yes it has fuel on board.



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So, it's not as simple as loading the C172 started and changig A/C to the Bucanneer?

Alternately, do the engines start like turbo-shafts? With these, you have to hold the starter in 'til the turbine spools up, then add a bit more fuel, to get up to full speed, etc (as you know, I guess - just clutching at straws!)

Where's Chuck when you need him?M?

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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From the Flying Stations Support Forum:

"If you're using Ctrl+E to start it doesn't seem to work on certain systems, and I'm not sure why. However if you open the fuel cock and press the starter button, to the left of the pilot's seat, it starts every time."


[edit] I do own it and I had troubles using CTRL + E. Starting as described works for me[/edit]

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Sometimes I find that engines (turbo props) need a little gas over IDLE to help them fire and stay lit. Not sure why this as but I'm sure a technically minded engine specialist can explain.. If I don't throttle at all (0% Throttle) the majority won't stay fired. Might be that the engines need a positive flow of minimal fuel to get them working correctly. I'm not technically minded but it's just my thought on it.

Let us know how you get on..

Best wishes Glenn

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