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Update to my questions about Prepar3d Pro.

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After getting good advice from this forum, I bought the Prepar3d Pro.

I am very glad at this point to have it.

I ran a test using Windows 8.1 with all the updates of a four and one half hour flight with a Beech King air with just about all the slidders at max. and and an altuide of 4000 feet geting 35 to 45 FPS from Dodge City, Kansas to Springfield MO. to Rockford, ILL. with out any problems. Had 2% fuel on board when I landed. Went from Daylight to dark during the flight. Very happy about the product. I also had Orbxs Globel 110 and Vector v1.1 plus the updates plus Multi Crew Experience installed.

Wish I had bought the $2200.00 version now. Maybe next year.

Thanks for the advice.


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