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What next to spend money on.

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Now that I have my new computer built and running, I am ready to start buying the best for the money hardware to fly these birds.

I have a CH yoke and pedals and am not very happy with them. Also have a Logitech stick.

Please suggest what you think is the best to buy for a pleasant experience.

Also I am also looking for a club to join.

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I also was not overly happy with the ch controls so sold them off. however the only replacement is Saitek stuff and that is not as well made as the ch stuff, but more popular. I also use a thrustmaster t flight stick x as my desk doubles as my office so it is easier to hide remove the joystick than pedals etc.

your p.c setup is pretty good  how many monitors do you use?

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Right now I have one BENQ 24" and an old SAMSUNG. I am ready to buy two more BENQ 24" as soon as I get some good info on what hardware I need to buy to connect all three BENQ's to my Video card.

I have a Nvidia GTX 670 Video card that I can use to connect the SAMSUNG card to if I need it. I like to put the GPS and ATC on a different monitor.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have not done any over clocking yet. I use the default settings that ASUS suggested which gives me a CPU clock speed of 3.5 and the memory of 2130.

I am new to over clocking, so I will be going very slow if at all.

At the default settings I turn everything to max setting and still get 40 to 60 FPS.

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monitor wise get one that runs at 144hz it makes a huge difference  i have asus vg248qe and like anything asus it is the rolls royce of stuff, the advantage of the 144hz  is you get no blurring of things passing by also you can use the nvidia 3d glasses which add a whole new dimension

overcloclocking needs to be approached with a bit of caution but it certainly pays dividends, if i use small a/c i am at 75fps minimum and that gives a rock steady picture , however you must use DX10  to get all the advantages .

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The three monitors can be different sizes but that depends on what you are using them for.

My setup runs one PC with three monitors and a second PC with two monitors for ancillary programs.

PC1 has a 15 inch monitor for administering programs, a 42 inc TV for the main display and a seven inch display for panel instruments.

PC2 has a 15 inch monitor for administering programs and a seven inch display for more panel instruments.

However, if you want wrap around displays then it is best to get identical screens.

Take care with your processor: I have an Intel i7 processor. There are two types of processor the i7 and the i7k. I have a straight i7 which cannot be overclocked, the i7K is the over-clockable processor. I was gutted when I found out!

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