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Mar 2015 - View from the Office

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Wow! March is already here and it's nearly Spring for us northern folk!    is look out our windows so let's have a look at your virtual cockpit.


This month's competition has the theme of "View from the Office". This would be a picture from your VC showing some internal detail as well as something outside (could be cloud or scenery or objects)


3 entries per user, please choose your entries carefully as they cannot be changed once a vote has been cast against them.
Please check out the rules here 

To all viewers whether you post an entry or not please help us by voting for a shots you like by clicking the rep_up.png button in the bottom right corner of the entry.

Also, please remember, only screenshot entries in the main topic, others posts will be deleted, keep the chatter to the QA forum here.       :thanks: 
Have fun.      :thum:

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One from a previous contest not used, as there were plenty of pyramid themes already entered.


Re-Use, Recycle! (and it was already downloaded to the photo site...BONUS)


From the Egyptian 'Head' Office...view from Sweet Bell 407 (MilViz).



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A2A Cherokee. Itty Bitty CA57, Vacaville, Ca (889ft, dirt, no runway lights). Going as low and short and dusky as I can imagine for this dark valley. I came in high and fast as usual right before "Can't see s**t", and it took two go arounds to get my speed down (in my hurry to get down), and would have never found my way back to it the third time if the NE lights hadn't come on, illuminating the hangar...Thanks Chris...saved me a trip to the Nut Tree for the evening! Hope I can take off from here in daylight...it is sloped and bumpy as fark.



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Just taken off from my local airport Manston in my DODO Jet-Ranger about to past over Richborough power station for the very last time as it's due to be pulled down when I took this shot.


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