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SIM720 McClellan-Palomar (KCRQ) Airport

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Just Published is Brian Buckley's review of SIM720s McClellan-Palomar (KCRQ) Airport.


This Californian municipal airport near San Diego was the fourth busiest single runway airport in the United States in 2013.

Read on... for Brian's thoughts on this busy little airfield.  

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I love those seasonal changes in California. :D Nicely covered Brian, thanks for the read. :) I am happy to see the improvement in their lighting work.


Jtn; It's not good advertisement when see a fellow bowled over on the wall of a restaurant. :P

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Great review, mate, many thanks! It's definitely the carefully-done details that make these smaller airports so attractive.   :)


(Although, since even I would have a bit of a challenge landing my 747 on 4,897 ft of concrete, I fear I won't be adding it to my collection).





a.k.a. brian747



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