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Error message with P3D situation files

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If you were getting an error message concerning the aircraft when loading the flight situation files in P3D this was due to the the FSX files being saved with the default Cessna which is not in P3D.

I have re-saved and uploaded the flight situation files with the Mooney Bravo as this aircraft is default in both sims.


Happy flying.


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What if someone, like me has deleted most default planes?

Can I then participate ?

I think I have the fsx Bravo somewhere. So maybe I can participate if I install the fsx bravo into p3d.


Edit. It was an unnescessary question. I popped the fsx bravo into P3D and I can open the test flight.

I may join, but I´m not sure about time and there are things i dont understand in the flight briefings.


like:¿enter CCT?  All these abreviations in flightsimming.....

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= Circuit Anders, please ask questions, a lot of the pilots are old timers so already know the answers as they have asked questions in previous years!

Have fun...

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enter circuit ... ahh is it an electronic circuit I should enter or a racetrack?  I guess you mean continue on?


I'm pretty sure there are many oldtimers and most with english as a 1st language as well.


Deleting the default AC hasnt been a problem untill now. Remember that the gauges etc. stay in their respective folders. Sound may be an issue, but since the default sounds are normally pretty dull, I always look for something else anyways.

I deleted because they take up space on my ssd and I never fly them

BTW, its interesting that P3D comes with the default C172 and C208 gauges in the gauge folder. Even though the 2 AC are not in the sim, LM has not deleted them. You can just pop in the s fsx cessnas and all the gauges are there.


Lets see what happens. I might do the check flight and then hopefully the rest as well.

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