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At last A concise guide on how to modify your FSX.cfg file

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I came across this today and have to say this guy has finally taken the time to explain fully all the various settings that one sees in the FSX.CFG file, some of it we already know, but this is the best thing we have had so far to explain the mysteries of the .cfg settings. I recommend this to all of you who are like me inveterate tinkerers of the fsx.cfg file in the search for more performance




he also recommends this programme and accompanying video


this is  a brilliant bit of kit. It even has an output to Google Earth to show you your scenery and airports. It can also show the position of your aircraft on GE too. This has got to be a MUST for all simmers





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Peter himself and his developments are brilliant

I’m surprised you only learned about his work now

been using SimStarter for as long as i can remember

it’s that good; that it is recommended by us to use and printed in all our manuals

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Hey Chris , we get there eventually! but I did a search on this forum and it has never been mentioned before, having watched the video now I have to say this is one mutha of a product, shame on you for not telling us about it :)

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