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Yes passed out at 15000ft + (leg 1) in the A2A skylane, I love that aircraft,  first time ever it's happened, the good news is I can now confirm Hypoxia is modeled and is working.  The bad news is that happened after one hour in...oh well here i go again....




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True you can fly above 12000 for a short time but that hypoxia effect will catch you every time. :D Enjoy the flights(including the extra one :P) and look for mountain passes in the future. :) 


Thanks for joining in, have fun. :thum:

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Spent some time on Lake Titicaca, Peru (alt. 3,800M, 12,500ft). Specifically a "home stay" on one of the islands. Mighty interesting as the bed was only 5ft long and I'm a tad over that. Calling it a bed is being generous in the extreme. Actually, as I recall, the doorway only came up to my chest. Ate a lot of potatoes and danced the night away with the lady that ran the home stay - she was about 4'6" and sure had better wind than I did.


Most difficult to do any activities at that elevation. Better to sit quietly in a market square with a cold beer. Fortunately, an activity at which I excel.


Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

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