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June Meeting ReCap

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This is let everyone know that the June meeting was quite busy...

First of all Dave Clark came with a box which contained name tags for everyone, a list of current and pass members, and some printed copies of Gosport the Initial Ocala Flight Sim Club newsletter.

This was only Dave's second meeting and his desire to jump right in and be a significant part of the organization is extremely commendable. Thanks Dave for all your work.

Even though someone (me) didn't get the meeting notice to the newspaper early enough to be included in the "Happening in and around Ocala" section we still had two new members attend; Charles Caravetta and Henry Jazwinski. Great to have you guys on board we look forward to getting to know you better and hope you are ready to join in and share your experiences, questions, and answers with the members.

The high point of the meeting was Chan's dual presentations on X-Plane 9 and the TrackerIV system.

X-Plane 9 seems to have a lot to offer if you just need another SIM program but it appears to be lacking in aircraft, selection and scope, of aircraft classifications.

TrackerIV was exciting to watch, to see what it does and how effective it can be in a virtual environment. Many laughs where heard when Chan was demonstrating how to adjust the head movement to the display. He showed how you could control the amount of deflection of the head piece pickup and how it would be displayed, which was fine but when he would turn his head to answer a question (before he reset the sensitivity) the display presented some very weird screen shots.

Everyone was pleasantly pleased and our thanks go to Chan for a job well done.

Because the club does not have a volunteer to take notes at the meeting I thought I would post a few words to let others know about our progress and what they miss when they can't make it to the meetings.

Another Thanks is in order for Mutley'sHanger for sponsoring the OFSC forum. A fine gesture and one that we all appreciate.

Naturally, I forgot some items and your forgiveness is desired.

Till next month...


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