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KJFK facing closure

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due to runway repairs delays at KJFK are now over 5 hours with the only open runway being 13R which doesnt have an ILS and the weather is getting worse. loads have already diverted to Boston or other airports due to fuel shortages. this looks like it may spell a few days of misery ahead.


Must admit Idlewild airport (to give it its proper name) has been one of the most miserable airports I have ever visited with the most obnoxious members of US immigration and customs imagineable, i well remember as an 8 year old stamping very hard on the foot of an immigration occifer (and making him yell) and telling him to mind how he spoke to my mother or he would have me to deal with me !!! (8 years old and already with attitude) ,  and we were only heading for the transit lounge as our a/c needed an engine change, we had no interest at all in entering the b----y  country.


mind you do it nowadays and we would have been carted off to the brig for the duration.

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