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Flight One Software Announces Super King Air B200 for Prepar3D v2.x

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Flight One Software announced today that they have released their popular and highly rated King Air B200 add-on aircraft for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. Taking full advantage of the P3D’s updated graphic engine and features, the Flight1 King Air B200 looks absolutely stunning and performs beautifully on this new platform.
The Flight1 B200 features a Blackhawk XP52 engine upgrade package. Two factory-new P&W PT6A-52 engines (the same engines used in factory-new 200GTs) provide an increased climb rate, a higher single-engine service ceiling, and a max cruise speed in excess of 310 knots. It is the fastest King Air you can get on a simulation platform, and it’s certified for single pilot operation. The King Air B200 for P3D is a deep simulation of a complex aircraft that you could actually fly all by yourself.
The Flight1 B200 features a highly realistic simulation of the real-world B200’s electrical, pneumatic, fuel, pressurization, and oxygen systems. It also includes a brake system that simulates brake wear over time, and a simulated ice protection system that has a purpose: forget to use it and ice buildup on the aircraft will cause flight model changes and failures.
G1000 features include realistic lateral and vertical autopilot and flight director modes (with support for fully coupled WAAS approaches), TAWS and traffic displays and alerting, safer-taxi-like airport diagrams on the PFD and MFD maps, in-aircraft creation and modification of flight plans, an updatable worldwide Navigraph navigation database, and a B200-specific Engine Indication System.
Also included in the package is a Maintenance Module that monitors aircraft usage at the system level and persistently tracks wear and tear on the engines, propellers, tires, brakes, and flaps. The engines consume oil when they are running, and engine mismanagement on the ground will damage them. Using the Maintenance Module, pilots can make line service requests, make repairs, and enable or disable individual wear and damage features. Less ambitious pilots who just want to fly can disable these features altogether.
The Flight1 B200 also features a custom-coded Android application that simulates the GCU 477 remote keypad controller. The app allows pilots with Android tablets and larger cell phones to control the MFD remotely, over a network. Using it saves screen real estate, is more realistic, and has no impact on performance.
It’s the perfect add-on aircraft for a pilot who likes the complexity of an airliner, but wants to operate in a single pilot GA environment on the Lockheed Prepar3D simulation training platform.
See the Flight1 Super King Air B200 in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lw5CTLxYvE
Purchase the Beechcraft Super King Air B200 for Prepar3D: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1b200fsx

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It looks like a beauty but the vid was giving me a headache, is the stuttering a new editing trick or is it a fps killer? :huh:

Hi Brett, I don't have this aircraft myself, but the stuttering looks to be coming from the video production, depends what he was using to capture the images, if it was FRAPS then the FPS almost halve just because of that.


Also, streaming from YT, especially in HD can also make the movie jerky.



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