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Hi, I´ve found a now way to waste a lot of time :) setting up my controller for a specific AC using FSUIPC.


There´s one very important thing that I dont get: How do I set up a controller button so I can click on/off my mouse which I use to pan in the virtual cockpit?

In the sim fsx/p3d, its called "mouse - view direction (on)" and then I can click and pan, click again and fiddle with radios etc.

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Yes, the standard mouse pan on off is space bar. Since FS2004 I´ve used a controller button to do so and I´m not going to change that because I it´ll take forever to change that habit. In FS2004, I had "active camera" which included mouse pan. It was revolutionary back then and I think that program was the reason why Microsoft included its funcionality in FSX.


I´ve tried to make fsuipc map the joystick button assigning a keybord funcion (space) to that button, but it doesnt work (yet)


What happens is that when I use fsuipc/button & switches and program the key (space) I can see the pointer changing from arrow to cross, like it does when I press the button without using fsuipc, but the action doesnt work. It doesnt pan or zoom it only changes the pointer......


Its extreme the amount of time that one can use/waste on programs like this one.

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Pick up TrackIR instead Anders.. I can't recommend it enough, it's hands down the best investment I've made for FSX!!


As for FSUIPC assignments I can't provide any input I'm afraid.. I'm still using FSX to assign my controllers...

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