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McCoy Ground Landing Effect V2.5 for Prepar3D

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Hello everyone and thanks, sorry for my late response.   Dai, to answer your question, no it has no effect on helicopter rotor wash but after a well deserved rest I may make an attempt to improve helicopter effects too.


Thanks again





Here is a look at my current water landing effect; the video is not part of this download.



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Thanks for the reply Vince.

Not ready to make that leap yet.

I just got back into FSX,after a long hiatus since the days of Combat Flight Sim 1, regretably soon before P3D came out, and have too much invested in FSX (now working brilliantly) that I don't feel a need to switch yet. I grabbed your water effect for FSX and my amphibs and floaties thank you kindly for your nice work!




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@ Vince - never saw a truck with wing struts. Does it fly?



OMG...took me a day to figure out what this^  comment meant.


John...i'm pretty sure that is an RV and an awning support in his Avatar picture...but thanks for the LOL once I realized what your comment refered to...because now I can't unsee a wing strut and wonder if another awning on the other side might give it a bit of lift at speed. :D

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...i'm pretty sure that is an RV and an awning support in his Avatar picture.



Yeah, I had that figured out, but the effect was just so good I had to point it out.



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Hello fellow simmers. I’ve posted two more effects, one for Helicopter rotor wash and an update for the Ground Landing Effect now call “v2.5b”.  Here are some you tube links.


Helicopter Landing Effect = https://youtu.be/ZtUnLpd_Cms

Water Landing Effect = https://youtu.be/SUlLTaQW8Qw

Ground Landing Effect = http://youtu.be/TKUzGM-hpDI



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Hello Dai.  I stopped testing in FSX in 2013 but it should work.  In fact all of my effects with the exception of the engine wash should work in FSX but don’t hold me to that.  If it does it would be nice to know.




Just had a thought, if my effects work in FSX I suspect they will have a different density and velocity, their appearance may not be acceptable.

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McCoy Ground Landing Effect v3.2

Here is a new updated video link.




This should be the final version of all effects.  If anyone has suggestions on web sites I should upload these to please let me know.

Thanks everyone.

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