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a history of london airports

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Excellent catch, Nigel. Pam and I enjoyed the repartee a lot. Loved the comment about City: "... Only used by w*nk*rs..." or was that 'bankers'?

BTW, I think the guy meant international airports? Even L.A. Doesn't have 6 - although both Southend (did you hear the Ian Dury mini-trubute?) and Biggin Hill aren't really Intl's in the accepted sense, I guess.

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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I had my planes based at biggin international , however they are not allowed to operate scheduled services as part of their agreement with croydon council, so that put the only scheduled international flights up the swanee

and they were operated by a chieftain and navajo and aztec to far flung places like Deauville and Dieppe etc


However big a/c do land there from time to time , I remember one evening flying in to the bump, to find about 30 737's and 757's parked all over the place and thousands of lost tourists waiting for coaches as heathrow and Luton  had been closed due to fog, i wish mobile phones back then had cameras, it was quite a sight.

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