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Microlight Over Milford Haven in FSX SE Steam

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Thanks for the comments. I had the scenery sliders throttled back and the FPS set to 27. Auto gen off as its not needed with the homemade scenery. Operating in full screen mode.


Cheers, Mike.



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I miss the real world accuracy of photoreal scenery, being able to fly over my old neighborhoods and spotting old homes, etc...but...gotta have autogen for me in FS. Landing is my second favorite activity in FS...landing through trees, over power lines, and under bridges is my favorite FS activity.


Your work looks very professional though. Cheers!

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Excellent stuff, Been in and out of MH more than a few times when I was in the Merchant Navy. BP were often discharging there. Got an old shipmate of mine that still lives in the area. Thanks for the reminder.

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