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Welcome and it's competition time on Mutley's!

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First off, :yes: to everyone from the Ocala Flight Sim Club to my humble website.

It's great to have you guys here and I hope the association between Mutley's and the OFSC continues for many years!

I am fortunate to have spent some time in Ocala back in the spring thanks to the generosity of John and Pam Allard. You sure do live in a beautiful city and be assured if I lived there I would be right there with you at the flight sim meetings!

So, just to let every one in the OFSC know, over on Mutley's Hangar Forums, I have just started a screen shot competition with a prize sponsored by Just Flight.

The prize is any title from their download collection so is accessible to all. However it is only really suitable for members with a reasonable speed internet connection as some of the downloads are 100 Mb+

The contest finishes on Saturday July 12 so you have plenty of time to practise!

The contest post can be found here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1717 please note I can only accept entries posted in the MHF thread.


Mutley (Joe)

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