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what goes around , comes around

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I started out with Sublogic's Flight Simulator on the Commodore 64, much more primitive than what's shown here.  I have no desire to go back and re-visit it, even if I could, but am conscious that we are all beholden to Bruce Artwick for kicking us off on our journey down this road.  There were other attempts at simulation before that, but his work was really the genesis of flight simulation on personal computers as we know it today.



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Interesting. But I am not sure i want to use a tablet based FS, I want to be able to build a cockpit etc. 


I think, as it stands, it has limited appeal for me, Ok if I am away from my main FS and need a quick fix, but as a main FS - Oh no no no.


Still, you never know where these things are going to go. Game or simulator? It it goes down the game route, then it is going nowhere, Just like MS Flight. It it gets serious then it may well survive.  I cant see it competing with P3D or X Plane just yet, and with those two staying in the market I think there is no room for a third.

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