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Airbus A400M simulation from Roland Laborie

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I've not seen mention here of Roland Laborie's Airbus Cargo A440M for FSX / P3d.

It's 24€ on Simmarket.

I found it a really in depth simulation. There are a few weaknesses but overall I'd recomend it and am enjoying it.

HUD doesn't seem to be working in P3D. Some have said certain switches don't work but I've not come across any I needed yet! They say the engine sounds aren't realistic. The instruction manual is half French and not brill. The GPS is not easy to use.

There was a minor update a few days ago so it's still supported.

Despite all the above comments I think it's a great in depth simulation.

See what you think?

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As J G said, that looks like a BIG improvement over the Wilco version, that IMHO has one of the worse VC models in a payware model I've seen...


Might have to consider this one as a future purchase...

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