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I flew the Dreamliner and LIVED!

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Some of you may know I have been away on holiday in Florida visiting our co-admin and my close friend, John Allard.
I flew back on the red-eye last night and have some pictures you may like, please bear with me I didn't get a wink of sleep on the flight!


We were fortunate enough to fly in the Premier Club cabin, all the extras like fast check in, security fast track, priority boarding and de-boarding, private lounges etc. are well worth the extra.


My ticket stub.

On our way to the private lounge, it's probably about 86 degrees plus outside, one of the cooler days.

We saw this Antonov AN 124 on our way in to the airport, John and I had seen this aircraft earlier in the week. The only way to get close was to go to the smokers area, the trouble was there was double netting floor to ceiling, I guess to stop the odd stray fag butt from getting flicked onto the apron.


As you can see, he is off loading helos...

So here we are on board and guess what, the cockpit door is open.

Always one to seize an opportunity I get permission from the captain to visit once they had finished their initial checks. The cockpit is truly awesome!

The Captain, (I forget his name now) was so interesting, he gave me a quick once over the avionics and seeing I had my Mutley's Hangar crew shirt on we talked about flight simulation for a while.

Of course, I have hundreds of questions in my mind now to ask him that I forgot to then!

A quick look to the right and I am back to my seat.

Push back shows a cute Airbus.. A340? (Not my strong point)


Hmm, that DHL cargo will never fit in that hangar!


We're off, not climbing too fast at first


One of dozens of smaller fields around, we are on our way out over Port Canaveral where we stayed a week.

They love to show off the lighting, all colours of the rainbow are available, fortunately the lighting was far more subtle during the flight.

Saying goodnight to Florida. (The dimming windows are huge btw)

And welcoming this mornings sunrise..

This picture really doesn't do it justice, there were many cloud layers and the light was incredible.

FL180 over the Isle of Wight, I have drawn a square around Mutley Field (EGHI Southampton)

I am pretty sure this is Dunsfold?

Virtually no hold, it was straight in to RWY 08

Another Dreamliner (How common!)

Just the taxi to go, welcome back to Blighty!

The flight stats can be viewed here, http://www.flightradar24.com/data/airplanes/g-tuig/#66dc447


Here is an overview.



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Wonderful pictures Joe, thanks for posting. Hope you had a great time. It's been a couple of years since we flew from Sanford but I can remember crossing that very road on the way to the car hire.

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Outstanding set of shots, Joe. Happy you got one of the Antonov and the copters. We didn't get the chance driving in.

Looks like the flight back home was better than the one over, with a cockpit visit and no screaming kid. Sometimes things just work out.

Will get all that .45 cal. brass re-loaded for your next trip over.


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Welcome home boss.  Great picture's and what a scoop to get into the cockpit (female driver's prefer to call it the lunchbox).  Hope you both had a great time and soon get over the jetlag.

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Great PIREP boss!


Who knew Mutley's T's were a ticket into a guided cockpit tour? Where is the Mutley's Hangar clothing store btw? :D


Nice shots of the AN disembarking the copters despite the netting...cool catch there!


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Welcome home Joe, great to see inside the cockpit nice one   .How was the b787 did she live upto   her name " Dreamliner "  Nice set of pic's . I see those bigger windows make for taking much better outside pic's  Thanks Joe hope you had a great holiday.


Cheers Mike

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The Dreamliner certainly gets the  :thum: from me.


So much less noise (except from the pax) the larger windows and cleaner air conditioning (which comes from an electric source rather than bleed air) really makes the difference.


@March, I will see what I can do regarding the T, if I can get enough interest to get a decent price for our members then I will look into it further.



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Here's the Antonov that was loading the helos in Sanford.  Not sure if this was their ultimate destination or not.




EDIT:  I think he's still there.  The only departure record for him from EINN is on Wednesday, the day we saw him in Sanford. He flew to Sanford from Shannon earlier in the day on the day we saw him.  If FlightAware's records are complete and accurate, he's still in Shannon.




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