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USB/DVI-converters in FSX

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To start with... My english in writing can be a little odd. Anyway...

I've just finished building a helicopter simulator of an Robinson R44 with full setup of pedals and jokes and 5 monitors ( 3 27" for frontview and 2 19" for instrumentation and middleconsole ). I run FSX Gold Edition with Acceleration on a Win 8.1 computer containing processor and memory enough to make this work. The GPU is a Sapphire R9 280 3GB GDDR5 that is supposed to run the 3 frontview monitors.

To run my 2 smaller screens I've found and connected 2 USB/DVI-converters. They work great as long as I'm in Windows or using windows applikations BUT...
I can't get them to work in FSX. FSX doesn't even find them ! I've seen this type of setup on other simulators but I just don't know how to make this work.

Is there anybody out there who can help me with this issue? I'm familiar with .cfg-files so if it's just a question of changing this, please tell me how.

Please dont return answers about these "Tripplehead2go"-boxes ( I've already seen them but think they're a little bit to expensive ) or Nvidia surround ( since my GPU isn't a Nvidia-card ).

Help would be great.
/ Helisimpilot

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Hi Helisimpilot, I wish I could help you with this but it out of my wheelhouse. What I can do is welcome you to Mutley's Hangar :hat: and tell you that I am pretty sure the folks here can help you out so stand by. :)


I would also like to commend you or your writing skills since it is by far better than mine and this is my native language. :D


Good luck.

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Hi Helisimpilot


If the 5 screens work in Windows, are the 3 x 27" screens set up as a 'single' wide-angle view and the 2 x smaller screens independent of this - i.e. an extension of the Windows 'desktop' onto, say, a left and a right screen?

If so, then FSX should allow you to 'undock' 2 New Views (1 for Instruments + 1 for Console) and 'drag' them individually left and right. I only have 1 extra screen like this and the undocking seems to be the trick.


By the way, +1 on Brett's Welcome! And do let us see your set up - sounds great! :thum:


Cheers - Dai. :old-git:


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Välkommen till Mutleys!!  (indulge me fellow non-swedes, Since us northerners are a rare sight on the forum I felt I needed to greet my fellow countryman in our native language :whis: )    


I'm sadly no hardware expert so I have no quick fix for you. But what could be the issue is the fact that you essentially are using multiple GPU:s (I assume each of those USB/DVI converters are identified by Windows as separate GPU:s and not an extension of your ATI GPU). Some searching on Google seem to indicate that this is something that is not easily done in FSX. None of the pages I found had anything like your setup in them though. Those that have managed it was usually using dual NVIDIA or ATI cards.

The one thing I saw that could lead to issues is if the screens ran on different refresh rates, so that could be a first thing to check.


Second, are the GPU-specs of those USB/DVI converters good enough to run FSX in the first place (DX9 support, 128 mb of dedicated memory and support for Shader model 1.1)?


Good luck with sorting your issues, and I hope you will enjoy your stay here on Mutleys!


EDIT: One question for you that just struck me. What happens with the two 19" monitors when you start FSX? Do they still display your desktop or are they switched off?

If they are still displaying the desktop, try creating a new view in FSX, undock that window and drag it down to one of the displays.. worth a try at least ;)

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As long as I'm in a Windows enviroment there's no problem. The 3 27" screens is coped via Radeons software called Eyefinity and is recognised by windows as 1 big screen with a resolution of 6000x1280 pixels ( or something like that ) and the 19" screens shows as 2 seperate screens with a resolution of 1024x768. No problem at all to move things between them and work with different things. Runs like a dream ( well it works without any problems anyway... ).

It's when I start FSX the tricky things start...

X. FSX doesn't find my converters at all.

X. Instead FSX find the 3 larger screens connections and suddenly see thoose as 3 single 27" screen ( instead of 1 laaaarge one ).

X. When I start a flightsession either FSX crash imidietly or I"ll end up with 3 frontviews ( with different resolution ) on the big screens. The smaller screens remains dead.

X. Funny thing though... If I disconnect or disable the USB/DVI-adapters, Eyefinity works perfectly and I have a large wide view over all 3 27" screens.

Starting to give up the thought of getting this to work....

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Seems like I've been able to solve the problem after all....

X. Some changes in the sfx.cfg-file.

X. Run everything in "windows-mode", not fullscreen.

I prefer fullscreen-mode but if I'll get this setup to work steady it's ok anyway, at least until I byu one of these Tripplehead2go-boxes. Pictures and sketches of the setup will turn upp here soon.

/ Thanx for cheering and help so far

Helisim Pilot.

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It's never easy, is it? :D Glad you got it working and thanks for letting us know the fix. :thum:


If you wish you can edit your thread and mark the thread Resolved or let me know and I will be happy to do it for you. :)



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Seems I am too late to the party here.  I use two usb to dvi screen drivers and can tell you now that you cant use them in full screen mode.  FSX will go to full screen on your main monitor and the others will go black..


I don't think that it is a case of FSX not seeing them, its just that FSX can only go full screen on one monitor.  The solution is to go to windowed mode and maximize the main FSX window.  You can then open up things you want in other windows, unlock them and drag them to a second monitor etc.

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On your 3 screen set up for eyefinity are you using the display port adaptive connector for the third screen?
There are only 4 display ports on your video card (2 x DisplayPort, 1 x DVI-I, 1 x HDMI) so you can only run 4 displays.


My solution was to buy a second cheap video card for the 4th and 5th displays on the second card..

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