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Radio Promotes OSFC

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Just to let all the locals know... :yes:

I sent in an announcement to WRZN radio, 720 AM dial.

They announce upcoming events at about 1030 AM and 430 PM daily.

Tune in and let me know if and when you hear it.


Wayne :mrhappy:

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Hey! I'm here but have to leave as my granddaughter is using my computer room for her bedroom. I have had a request from Jim Dillman to do a presentation on downloading aircraft and others things from the internet. I recall an article somewhere about that. At any rate I'll start work on it. We can coordinate it with the next time we use the projector.

I'll be back---Goodnight

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Are you thinking of doing it at the July meeting or the one after? If you decide to use the projector in July, let me know ASAP so I can do my forum demo based on that. Othewise I'm going to use overhead transparencies on Wayne's overhead projector and save us the $25.

That's a good topic and though you may not be able to show the actual download, you could already have some files on your drive and do the installs live without a net connection. Are you going to show both FS9 and FSX?

It would be interesting to see who's using which. This forum has a polling capability and maybe we'll ask that once we get most of the members in the door here.

Glad to see you're using it. Feel free to start new topics too, any time you think it's appropriate. It's no different than posting a reply except you have to enter a topic title.

I've got to feel for poor Jerry Henriquez. It must be tough to get along in this old world without a computer.


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