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New member landing - "Pete sent me"

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Hi everyone,

Another regular from frooglesim (Yakdownpete) hopping over the fence to join your Mutley crew. A retired scot and dedicated simme. I like all types of sim aircraft, my favourite aviation designer, Alexander yakovlev designed some interesting aircraft hence my handle yakpilot56 - Although the yak-56 never actually flew

I enjoy helicopter flying in X plane 10 and use Fsx Steam / Prepar3d V2.5 regularly for GA flying and the big stuff

Favourite Operating system Windows 10, in testing it has provided a terrific platform for simulation

Looking forward to contributing to the forum on a regular basis on sim based hardware/tech and software


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Hi Pete


Welcome to the Hangar!


Will be interesting to see how you get on with Win10... I'm personally hating the idea of parting with Win7 one day, so any feedback could prove very useful. I have FSX SE downloaded, but I haven't tried it as my Boxed version and the plethora of add ons I have is really stable at the moment.





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Hey Pete, 
I can see from Froogle's that you are very switched on about the peripheries of flight sim.
A huge welcome from me and I hope we can return as much useful information and fun that you have so far given our FS community.
Slàinte mhath


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Hi, Pete, welcome to MH.


Good to hear that Win10 is going to be one that MS gets right. I have to agree with Steph in that I've been dreading the demise of Win7. 


With my luck, I'll drag my heels past 10 and find out 11 is another MS "in the middle" "Mr.fixit".

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Hi Pete,


I am finally catching up with things and sorry  for the late welcome, had lots to do in the real world but might find more sim time in the near future, very pleased to see you made the move over here. :)


Tony. :)


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Welcome to Mutley's Pete!


So you're a Yak pilot.  Military or civil? - I am the resident Mutley Crew military flyer, although I restrict my self to RAF. (Based on Interest and cost limitation!)


If you have any '60s or later Yak bombers or reconnaissance aircraft then I would happily try to intercept you over the North Sea in some multi-player sessions if you're up for it, provided there are FSX models for aircraft like the "Brewer" etc.









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Thanks All  for the welcome, since joining I have been somewhat distracted by other projects but keen to join in
Hi John G
I first started flying Yak planes when playing the IL2 Sturmovik series of games, Yakolev aircraft are very much unsung heroes of WW II - I think I like them as they are quirky
and I really like oddball aircraft
sadly I dropped flying them in FS2004 when FSX was released and only have a couple of GA planes that I fly occasionally.
These days I really like the work by Dino Cattaneo I have his freeware Military aircraft in FSX and P3d
and made a donation to him as they are definitely worth it, they aren't study level aircraft but beautifully rendered
and have enough systems to keep you occupied, some are tacpak compatible 
The default F35A AF-9 aircraft in Prepar3d is by Dino.
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