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I was thinking of getting their Bell-47, not that I think their modeling is up to todays standards but sometimes it's fun to take a spin in something that no one else has on the market.


Looking at their site it seems that some of their products might have been ported over from FS9 but I could be wrong. It might be best to post which products you are interested in.


I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has their products too.

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I have a few of their models guys. The bell 47 is perhaps the best of them in my opinion. It looks good, it flies good, it's minimal panel is one of their best textured panels...and is a very good value. I agree that their models lack the detailed textures of say Carenado, Alabeo, Razbam, Nemith, etc..

The Cessna 404 Titan is quite nice, but Alabeo's 414, out-shines it.

Their Ercoupe is another good plane if you like that funky old bird...but, again, the textures are lacking that "gosh" factor.

A sale is the perfect time to try out flysimware products. I hope they step up their graphics game, because I have had excellent customer service from them and really hope they do well down the road.

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Ok I have read the poat about putting up pics...seems straight forward enough... with photobucket will I be bombarded with emails trying to sell me stuff? And what happens if i delete a pic from my pc does it stay in tbe bucket/on the forum?


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Hi Wayne,
There is an alternative site you can use run by JayKae, the administrator of the Orbx, REX and Aussiex forums, fsfiles.org
You can upload there without having to open an account, here's what you do.
Web site address is http://www.fsfiles.org/
Click the green start uploading button 


Browse for your image, select it and click open




A thumbnail of your image appears on their page, select the category (flight sim type) and click the green upload button.




You get the upload complete screen and a thumbnail of your image and a link, make sure you change the "Embed codes" to Direct links






Copy the code they give you into your forum post here by clicking on the photo icon in the comment / reply box 




Paste in your code, click OK.




Result should be 




If you don't want to keep the image on your PC you are now safe to delete it and it will keep appearing in the forums!


Hope that helps  :hat:

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I have the Cessna 402 from Flysimware and I really like it. 

I find it to be a very nice twin. FDE is very good and things work the way they should. Views are very good. Textures are maybe not as good as Carenado/Alabeo, but the rest is A LOT better than what I´ve tried from these 2 devellopers. And actually, the AC looks a lot better on my PC than it does on flysimwares screenshots. I used it on the Mebar flights this easter


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