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Hi Tom,


Just some quick questions.


Have you always had this problem or has it only just started happening? Is it specifically Orbx airports or does it happen with others as well?


Does the scenery get sharper if you pause the sim and wait a few seconds?


Can you post a screenshot?





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Does it also happen if you stay inside the VC. Or is it mostly when changing views.

I have the same issues sometimes when changing views. (VC,outside, tower, aircraft) It happens mostly when going to Aircraft view.


I have deleted the aircraft views on most of my planes and it has helped. I dont want them anyway. I prefer to just have the VC, outside and tower views.

When I get the issue, I either look down on the seat and nothing else (something fixed and simple that doesnt move) for a couple of seconds and then it goes away.  Or if I´m in a stress situeation, I pause as described.


I have a feeling but I´m totally sure, that the more scenery I install, the more frequent and longer lasting the issue gets.

I have a pretty clean install of some US regions on a fresh P3Dv2.5 install and the issues happens very seldom.


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....I was just about to suggest looking at the Fiber frame time fraction setting to see if reducing it would help, but I have NO idea how things work in Steam.

Have you tweaked your .cfg ? Just wondering what happens if you backup your current .cfg (just in case),and then let fsx se build a new one?

Ive found in the past that most strange occurrences have often been down to me messing with settings so I've tried to leave tweaking to the absolute minimum as it invariably ends up causing me hours of confusion when I should be flying. Try a bog standard .cfg and if that improves things then you can gradually fine tune from there

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IMO, FSX-SE shouldnt be tweaked and it has 4096 as max texture load by default.


To be honest, I think you should ask at the ORBX forum. You´re not the only one with this problem and they should be able to help you better than here. After all, its their scenery.




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