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Just Flight - Fokker F27 'Friendship' 100/200/300 Series

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Nice review Andrew. I was surprised to read about the range and "generic" interior modeling...but then I don't research the models to the extent you do...thanks for that.

Fortunately, I never use full tanks, or full range :P


Ground handling/over speeding can be mitigated a bit by reducing the fuel mixture while on ground, or varying the mix instead of the throttles once you are rolling....it takes some of the HP out of the low power settings and helps prevent galloping off. Also, a quick "Push throttles forward 'Too Much', then instantly back them off to 'Taxi Position' results in a faster spool up, but be ready to brake if you misjudged.


Love this plane, so much more fun than a DC-3. You wont' be sorry if you pick this one up Alan.

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A nice and detailed review.

I just find it would be correct and respectfull to mention that the develloper in not Justflight.

Justflight is "only" the publisher. The develloper is Aeroplaneheaven.




I cringed at the use of the word "disrespectful"...the proper term would be "Just Business".


AH only started developing as an Independent Developer, and has clearly developed a lot of planes for JF as a "Contractor".

Independent Contractors are not allowed to drop business cards off with their products if the products are branded by their employer, and the employers are under no obligation to list their IC employees on final products.


There is No "respect" issue between JF/AH...just an  inappropriate use of the word here on MH.


Just Business.


P.S. I have been waiting (has it been a year?) for AH to release their Dove, which they announced at the time they went independent. They have yet to change the status from "Coming Soon", while moving on to other projects. I wouldn't call my disappointment Disrespected, but it feels like Bait and Switch...and won't buy anything from them until they release the Dove.


From the F27, I know they do good work, so I mean no disrespect to AH...just a bit of Impatience.


P.S. I noted on the AH product pages that they don't list the names of the actual artists that produced those planes...is that Disrespectful Donny? :P No...its Just Business. :)

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Good review Andrew.

I noticed JF sometimes uses a "generic" flight model for several (close) variants of an airplane.

Since this generic model is mostly close enough for government work I don't have a problem with the approach, we all know JF is not PMDG or A2A (which is very fortunate for my wallet).

That said I have flown all their classic propliners with a lot of pleasure and will no doubt enjoy the F27 (double since this Duchie is an avid Fokker fanboy).




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