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Do you know the sinking sensation when your external backup drives failes just when you fire it up to recover the data from your main system that just went kaboom?

Well that happened to me early this year. There I was with no main (game) system and no working backup.

I have my work data on triple backup and then the most important stuff is also encrypted in the cloud - so quadruple backup really.

The pictures and films from my kids triple back-up.

My personal simming stuff: double backup, or not enough ..

I did save all the information I needed for my payware in the cloud so I have been able to gather most of my simming software and I finally had some time to get it on a system - so I am finally back and made my first flight in months yesterday.


The thing I miss most are the airplane manuals I downloaded from everywhere. Some payware, some freeware. I really did lose them and I really miss those.

I had all the needed information to pass qualification on propliners from the DC-3 to the B377. Training manuals, pilot manuals, technical manuals, you name it I sourced it. I literally spend years gathering that information.


Anyway if anyone can point me to some of the information I would be very gratefull. For the DC3 I already gathered a lot, but for other propliners I am struggeling to come up with usefull information.


Once again I hope to become a much more active member now I have a working FS system.


Blue skies


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Ohhhh, not to good. Unfortunately I cant help you but wish you good luck with your quest. And welcome back


But i will allow myself to ask, now that you are back if you are still considering making a Virtual airline for Propliners and bushplanes.

I can remember that you had some interesting ideas.

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The VA will receive a kick start although the planned training for type rating will take a hit, as will the available planes since I lost all my repaints in the process.

But I hope to start operations somewhere in August (this year).


Nice that you remembered I was working on the VA!

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I feel for you Kasper. Had a HD failure a few years back and had not backed up our payroll properly...9 months had to be manually input nightmare....

Bope you get it sorted and can resource your manuals...

Best of luck


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Ugg, I would rather lose my birth certificate than my sim stuff, I feel for you Kasper. :( Glad to see you up and running and back here at the hangar, hope the family is doing well. :)


Finding all those lost manuals is the worst as there is no one stop shopping that I have found. :stars:

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Glad you're back Kasper, I know what it feels like to lose stuff though, I replaced my entire PC set up a while ago and It's taken me ages to get stuff back that I had. Thankfully a lot of the FGS stuff had been saved to an external hard drive so was able to recover a lot of it.

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Good to hear from you again, even if it is under such heavy weather as losing your fs system and data.


If I ever lost my flight sim system, my problem would be trying to find where I backed up all my stuff too. :D 




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Welcome back Kasper !

So sorry to hear of all the problems...I remember that sinking feeling too (note to self to do another Image backup today!)

Great find with the learn to fly link :thum:

Hope you find the rest of the manuals you are looking for

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