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Find the height of an airfield prior to building your own

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Today I decided to build a new airfield, its just down the way from me, and opened up TCALCX software which worked perfectly OK in XP but refuses to work on my new Win 7 system. I spent hours searching the internet and could not find any software to replace the old XP one.


Not to be beaten I then did a different search and found this brilliant web site. You just click on the map location zoom in to check your airfield or airport and it gives the height AMSL, how clever is that!


This is the link....




So I now have another working airfield added to my collection thanks to ADE 165 and this new web site.


Happy building.....................



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Hi John,


Thanks to you both. I use the FREE Airport Design Editor ADE 165 works perfectly OK, every time. Building airfields and or airports is not too difficult so have a go.


Cheers, Mike.

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The other product I recommend if you are going to get serious about building or enhancing FS airports is Abacus' FS Design Studio. Yeah, I know - Abacus, but don't judge this great product by their aircraft titles. FSDS and FSX Repaint are far and away their best titles; both work well and are easy to use and well worth the money.

If you expect to create 3D objects (buildings, static aircraft, etc.) to place in your scenery, this is a great tool to have. It is payware and is a fairly steep $49 US, but it's worth it if you're going to be creating objects. If you're just casually thinking that this is something you MAY want to get into, it's probably not worth the price - if you find you're serious about the work, give it a serious look.

The next thing I recommend is Instant Scenery III, by Flight1. It is an object placer but has a lot more to offer too. In a nutshell, it is the tool for placing, sizing and orienting 3D objects in FSX, including but not limited to, upon airports. Read their product page and any reviews you find. I can't do it justice here. It too is payware, at $29.95 US.

The purists will try to tell you that GMAX is better than any of these, and it may be for the 0.1% who have a very high frustration threshold, no social life, no family and a bazillion empty hours to fill trying to figure out how to make it work. For the rest of us, go for something a little more user friendly and well-documented.


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