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Hi all
So here we are day One of the Windows 10 rollout.  My first upgraded Pc was using Windows 7 Ultimate
and has been upgraded to windowd 10 pro
The good
it went smoothly and took around 20 minutes to upgrade (quite a bit longer to download the 3 GB necessary
- with my average broadband - 12gbs - about 1.5 hours)
So far  Flight Simulator X Gold and prepar3d V2 previously installed - seem to be working well
as I expected, I have been using win 10 for a while now
The bad
The language pack for English UK had to be installed as it seems to default to United states-
The nvidia driver for my GTX980s was removed so the Pc starts with a generic driver
The windows 10 update conflicts with nvidia Geforce updates - so I had to turn the Nvida update OFF
The upgrade did not recognise the additional SATA card I have installed but the connected internal SSD drives were listed OK
in my computer listing - win 10 accepted my win7/8 driver for the card with no issues
There is a time limit on rolling back to a previous version of windows - you get a month
there is no product key and I am not currently using a microsoft account on this Pc - The method of doing a clean install
is currently  - Upgrade first - check it is activated - then select the recovery option - reset this PC with or without personal files saved
I'm still having problems with the  windows 10  edge web browser  (plus everything under the sun supposedly)  so I can only link to images not display them in the post
sorry - I hope they work

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Hi Pete,

Thanks for the update, my new laptop is in line for the update, my other PC's will  be staying with old faithful for  the time being (Win7)


PS I amended you post to get the screenshots to show  :)

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Thanks Pete....I have a laptop that I may update as its mainly used for browsing...shopping etc...

Sim PC also used for running our family business but thats all on external drive or cloud based so that will stay on 8.1


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Thanks for fixing my pics. Joe , much appreciated

I also have a laptop that is about 4 years old and rarely used, I plan updating it also - i will post my experience with it, should be interesting

My second sim pc that runs my sim utilities has the update dowloaded but I chose to defer the install. cheekily microsoft request that you input a date and time for the install to run automatically. Now that's not acceptable in my book in my case I will update to-morrow

but for others if you think you will dowload it and defer install be aware of this . otherwise don't go near downloading it !


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So to-day it was time to update my second pc that runs my various sim utilities over a network I also use it for E-mail anti virus etc

as soon as I started the pc there was a popup screen asking me if I wanted to proceed with the win 10 update

I deferred the update previously, you get a choice of three dates, but i think you can continue deferring for a couple of days on a regular basis.

The actual update from windows 7 home was straighforward with no issues, it was followed by several updates including a graphics driver update - the pc uses an nvidia gtx 670 card. My E mail app on win 7 was windows live and win 10 did not interfere with it

I did have to re-install my anti virus Kaspersky labs complete protection but my settings etc and licence activation did not require re-input

so far everything is working as it should.

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update 2

the last couple of days I have been trying to run the win10 update on my old win7 laptop but there has been failure after failure to install when I tried to run it manually from win update. I put this down to overloaded MS servers

then to-day the popup appeared telling me my reserved update was ready would I like to proceed Okay , let's do it.

The laptop has an intel core duo cpu 2.1 ghz speed, 4 gb of ram a sata 2 hdd and a mediocre nvdia 9200m gpu that shares system ram, nothing special but more than adequate for general browsing and running microsoft excel spreadsheets and word processing

right from the start it was obvious this was going to be a long long install - the required 2 and a bit gigs of files had already been downloaded so I am commenting on the actual install

After about 90 mins it finally bootup to desktop and apologised for the delay in completing the finishing touches to the app setup stating it was taking a bit longer than normal

first impression on finally reaching the desktop, yikes, it was really slow to open and run apps, not good at all.

The cure was a hard drive defrag and a couple of reboots plus running of some apps now it has really started to fly very much on a par with win8.1 the boot time from power on to desktop also power off to full shutdown is on a par with 8.1 and way way faster than win 7.1

I have retained windows live mail and google chrome both apps have so far run very well on win 10 as does ms Office 2007 Overall I am very impressed by the performance of this OS on a very average spec laptop.


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I was considering updating my Windows 8 laptop soon. Just read elsewhere that Dragon Naturally Speaking (which I use occasionally now) does not work.

Many businesses are heavily into Dragon dictation so here's a warning - to check before they jump.

Think I'll just upgrade to Windows 8.1 for now and 'let the dust settle'.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Great to see you Pete


many thanks for your fine efforts keeping us up to speed, just wondering how things are running (now) being a month on. Still not going to use that upgrade path but I do like to stay in touch with any progress.


I am about to re install windows, though I am worried about this process on an unlocked machine, is that all controlled in Bios ? and still clear to just go ahead with a format with windows disc? have a number of small  issues now to get rid of, You might remember I had a problem with my classic boxed and an msi. lol 


I need to fully re install Classic and also P3D and move away from using Steam edition. might just as well have a complete clean up :D


Take care and regards.



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