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X-Plane's 'Must Have' Collection

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The Mutley's hangar guide to X plane 10 Essentials


X-Plane 10 has been with us for quite a while now, and its starting to show signs of maturing into a really great sim. However, the 'out of the box' experience is definitely lacking that wow factor. (FSX is also butt ugly as a base install to!) With a few essential downloads though, XPX can be transformed into a thing of beauty. Here are some 'MUST HAVE' Essentials to help new XPX user's bring out the best in the sim.


1. Libraries.

Libraries are collections of models that can be used to enhance scenery. almost all freeware scenery will include models form at least one of these libraries. For best results, download them all and place them in the Custom Scenery folder.


Openscenery X

One of XPX's biggest freeware library of objects. constantly updated and added to. Quite simply a must have. Download the installer from http://www.opensceneryx.com/


FF Extended LOD library

The FF libraries will be familiar to FSX users. well the whole library is available for XPX to. Download it at http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=12836


R2 Library

adding various objects to XPX, this library is available at http://r2.xpl.cz/


RUScenery library

This pack adds all things Russian, although many of their objects end up in non Russian sceneries. Download the full thing from http://ruscenery.x-air.ru/  (Caution, the site is in Russian)


2. Utilities

There are a plethora of great plug-in utilities that make XPX that little bit more user friendly. Here are a few you simply can't do without.



If you have any Saitek panels, you'll need this handy little plugin to get them to work.




Similar to FSUIPC when it comes to add-ons, XPUIPC is very useful when it comes to getting some FSX add-ons working with XPX. Its great to use with Plan-G as well.




FlywithLUA is a handy, easy to use programming script. for the most part though, it's essential to have installed if you plan to use Xsquawkbox for Vatsim, or with the Real Terra Haze plugin.



RealTerraHaze RTH plugin

This great little plugin lets you adjust XPX's art assets on the fly. It can adjust the light intensity, atmospheric haze and shadow depth all without exiting to a menu. Get it and change the sim from drab to fab.




This great little plugin allows you to save multiple control setups for different aircraft, much like FSUIPC does for FSX.



3. Scenery

When it comes to scenery, there's simply to much to cover that I could recommend. So here are a few of my personal favourites.


UHD Mesh V3

Mesh in XPX is very different than FSX. each tile contains all the scenery in a single layer. UHD mesh is the latest update from alpilotX, and its fantastic. Not only do you get better terrain depiction and sharper mountains, you also get updated OSM data, so roads, buildings, forests and water bodies all appear in their proper place. There are gaps in the data, but the area's covered are beautiful. Be warned though, UHD mesh v3 will eat your system memory for breakfast. 64 bit is essential and you'll need at least 16gb to be safe.





NZ Pro

Again from alpilotX, New Zealand pro contains some of the best XPX scenery around. Covering the whole North and South Islands, New Zealand Pro is a great place to visit.





YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl & YMML Melbourne Intl

Staying down under, Check out ISDG's fantastic Sydney and  Melbourne airports. These freeware treats are bordering , if not exceeding, payware quality. You'll need a few extra libraries installed, but details can be found on the webpage, and they're well  worth the effort.















PAJN Juneau Intl

This cracking little scenery is well worth exploring. Featuring not just the airport, but the surrounding area,  it's a great base to use to explore the Alaskan wilds.









Wold2Xplane GB Pro VFR

Best used with photoscenery, this fantastic package of scenery features the UK in detail. With custom UK style models, The UK has never been seen is such detail inside a sim. Fantastic in every way, though its heavy on the GPU!







LOWW Vienna International

Austria's biggest airport is modelled in fine detail here. It comes complete with ground animations and custom objects. It's a little heavy on the frames though.









All of the above is freeware, and there's so much more. check out the following for loads of freeware.





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