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Plan G on iPad.........FSX on PC...........Thread 2!

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I think I have cracked this so I thought I would start a new thread to avoid what is hopefully good news for some of you getting mixed up with the old news in the other thread.


The good news...........


I have downloaded an app called duet display onto my iPad from the app store and a small piece of software from www.duetdisplay.com and bingo, I can drag programmes from the main screen of my PC across to my iPad. All you need to do is connect your iPad to your PC using the USB charging lead that came with your iPad


The bad news............. the app from the app store cost £11.99


However....................... I have just created a short flight plan in Plan G (Bristol to St Mawgan in Cornwall), exported it to create my pln file, loaded it via FSX Steam. I dragged Plan G across to my iPad and when I clicked on "connect" my little yellow plane appeared on the runway at Bristol Airport on my iPad.


Still not convinced it would work I took off using my main PC screen for FSX whilst keeping an eye on my iPad and to my surprise the plane was moving in line with my navigation leaving a lovely purple trail behind it :D


The plane stayed in the centre of my iPad screen so the map moved in the same way as it should and I was getting the sounds and warning re my waypoints on the main PC screen in FSX so all good there.


So to summarise my ramblings the first flight worked and it worked well. I did notice a bit of lag on the FSX screen however as you can see in my profile the PC I am using for FSX is about as standard as you can get so with Plan G open plus the connection to the iPad it was at its top end.


However all of you out there with medium to high end PC's will no doubt not notice anything different when connected.


So for the price of 3 pints of beer or a couple of bottles of average wine you can get your iPad connected to your main PC to give you another screen to drag programmes over such as Plan G.


I hope this helps those of you that wanted this option.







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sounds good, I have never used the moving mao in plan g, all I do is plan with it then put GPS on a small 7 inch screen, good working out though Mike, its great when you get something like that to work and thanks for sharing...


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Hi John,


Looking at the Duet Display web site as well as reading the FAQ's it looks as if the answer is no. Duet was designed by a couple of ex Apple engineers so I am guessing it is iPad only.


However I have just switched my wife's android tablet on and gone into Google Play Store and searched for "Duet Display" in the app section and the one I used did not come up but a couple of others did that look as if they do the same job.


I am looking at "Air Duet Screen" & "iDisplay" so see what you think. 


Hope this helps



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Regarding the delay in the update in Plan-G, there is a refresh rate within the Plan-G options screen which I think the default is set to 30 seconds, I have mine set to 5 and it keeps pretty much up to date.


It may be you have some network lag but I don't think your computer spec is causing the problem.



Joe  :hat:

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Nice find Mike, :thum: I added a link to this thread on the original thread http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/topic/8298-plan-g-on-ipad-connected-to-fsx/. Hope it helps members that couldn't get the freeware Splashtop app working and wish to use this option.


Nice one Brett, I was hoping those that struggled with Splashtop would see this so thank you.



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