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Personally, I am desperately waiting for the PSS/JF 777 to be patched for FSX.

Also the PSS/JF 757 to be released on DVD compatible with FSX.

Also the Flight1 ATR for FSX! (Superb add-on)

PSS have also said they will look at making A340 Pro compatible with FSX also, and if they redo the FDE hopefully with Rob Young's services that would be very nice indeed.

What about you chaps?

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I've got my order in for the JF/PSS 757 and the Legacy :wink:

The PMDG 744 and possibly Level-D 757. (You can never have enough 757's)

I would like to get the Mozzy too, I'll have to get a "review" copy arranged :mrhappy:

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Service Pack 1 has ironed out a lot of performance issues, I'm running it now and am very happy with the results - it shouldn't be too far off general release now.

Waiting for Aerosoft's F-16 and VRS' Super Hornet - lucky enough to score beta positions on both machines. Helps to have contacts :mrhappy:

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All right, all right, I was offered it too Mutley but said no due to my busy calendar and legendary emotional traumas. I'm a drama queen you know.

Watch it lads, there is the NDA you know. I wouldn't want to have to report you. Although if you send me £10,000 I might not. :chuckle:

Did you say the Legacy Mut? There is the Feelthere FSX Legacy already out you know?

And of course, further down the line, the real big boy will be the Airliner XP bus. Now that will be something, programmed in C++ or is it +++? Who knows but better language than the dodgy old FS code, mostly programmed out side of the sim. Apparently the fly by wire auto trim is working top notch at the moment. They did say there would be a slight delay in progress due to an addition that would improve the sim, don't know what that is but if the claims are half right it will be the best sim ever. The degree to which those guys are programming the intricacies of the bus system is mind blowing.

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Sure does, it seems that technically it's on a different level, Apparently the smoothness of the gauges and the resolution is phenomenal, and you know me and my obsession with sharp 2D panels.

Think it'll be a while before it's released though.

We still haven't heard from PSS what their next project will be, although a little bird from PSS did tell me what it was to be a while back, but it could well have changed since then with the delay for the FSX service pack etc.

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