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Commercial Sim Pilots' Centre — downloads and documents

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Associated with this forum there is a special area for the hosting of documents and other material specifically related to airliner simming.


You can find it here:






It goes without saying (but I suppose we have to say it anyway) that the material here is by simmers and for simmers, and should under no circumstances be utilised outside the context of simulation.


(Surely no one would be so stupid.... but I suppose it's a case of CYA, as ever).   <sigh>




Anyway, I'm going to try and maintain this pinned post as a list of what's available in there, so here we go:



General airliner docs
1-page flight summary sheet ILS landing
1-page flight summary sheet VOR landing
These offer the simmer a single sheet document upon which to record all the parameters which are needed during the flight. The boxes are colour-coded to indicate where to find the relevant information (i.e. from the charts, AS2012, Avliasoft EFB, the aircraft's FMC, or TOPCAT — or your equivalent). Choose whichever version allows the entry of VOR or ILS landing parameters, as appropriate for your trip.
Airliner taxying tweaks using FSUIPC (for Mutley's Hangar)
This document details how to used the paid-for version of FSUIPC to ease two long-standing problems preventing realistic airliner taxying in FSX — the difficulty of steering the aircraft around tight bends; and also how to overcome the excessive friction so that the aircraft keeps rolling once started, as in the Real World. (A number of people have been kind enough to say that the included information about how to set up an FSUIPC axis was helpful for them, too).
Assumed temperature take-offs (with Q&A)
There is much misunderstanding and confusion amongst simmers surrounding the topic of assumed temperature take-offs, so this document discusses how assumed temperature take-offs work, and how they differ from the two types of derated take-off usually available from the THRUST LIM page of the CDU.
Getting your airliner’s route into the FMC
This is an attempt to describe the entry of information into the Flight Management Computer (via the Control Data Unit). The specific units used for the examples are those of the Boeing 747-400, but efforts have been made to make the text as widely-applicable as possible. The article concludes with a look at the use of the Fix pages to assist in spatial awareness.
How to calculate Transition Level
The chart often says: “TL by ATC”. But that's in the Real World, so what is a realistic value for a simmer to use? And how can the correct value be calculated?
Pragmatic Planning - get your airline flight right
This document is specifically about flight planning, and details two trips as examples. One is a straightforward hop from Vienna to Rome in the PMDG 747 (see also "Short hop PMDG 747 flight from Vienna to Rome v1.23" in the 747 docs section for a description of the full flight), and the other a more complex trip from Jersey to London City airport in the DA (now Flight1) Fokker 70.
Simmers' guide to IFR RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) cruise levels
Another area which tends to be slightly daunting to some is what flight levels to use when planning a long trip spanning various countries, many of which have different requirements. Especially if you're flying for a Virtual Airline, you will often be expected to plan the trip realistically, including using the appropriate flight level at all times as you overfly countries in which different regulations are in force. It also includes details and diagrams illustrating permitted RVSM levels in various countries.
Simon Holderness's 737 thread
Of special interest to simmers who fly the Boeing 737 (but of general interest to all airliner simmers) is this detailed and fascinating account by a Real World 737 pilot and long-time flight simmer of how things are done in real life, also including sections explaining the simming implications. Pour yourself a refreshing drink and settle down (it's a delightfully long read!) for an account of commercial aviation as experienced from the cockpit.
Various V-speeds
A simple list of the less well-known V-speeds, and what they mean. V1, V2 and VR are pretty well known, but what about VS, VREF, VMO and all the others? Here's a quick reference to those important acronyms, so you won't get caught out.
PMDG 747 docs
PMDG 747 (v1) checklist
This commented checklist aims to summarise everything you need to do to get your PMDG Queen of the Skies 747 from cold 'n dark... right through any trip, up to shutting down at your destination.
Short hop PMDG 747 flight from Vienna to Rome v1.23
This is the full mini-tutorial for using fsx, the PMDG 747-8i, and TOPCAT during a flight from Vienna to Rome. (The flight planning aspects are also discussed in "Pragmatic Planning — get your airline flight right"). There are also appendices describing special considerations for long trips; when to switch the lights on (and why); summarised Rejected Take-Off procedures; an example TOPCAT take-off and landing report; and a discussion of some terminology which simply has to be used correctly.
Track up or Heading up?
A brief description of the difference between the Track Up and Heading Up presentations, as seen on the Navigation Display of the Boeing 744. (This document was originally an appendix in "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, written in the year 2000).
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