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Aeronca c3, new GAS freeware, landing at KDVO Novato, Ca.

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Very cute little freeware vintage from Golden Age Simulations, a gift to the FS community.


A post by Dorel re: the Lockheed Lodestar led me to a paint for this bird, then I discovered I only downloaded a livery :( and spent about 20 minutes trying to track down a link to a download of the base model

Base model download available via link in SOH forum thread here:



Anyhow. It is a slow lovely little treat to fly, and FREE! AND there are a few liveries available for it on SOH and elsewhere... ... it was FAR easier to find links to paints than to the base model :P





(beep beep beep beep...yes, guilty as charged... I added an autopilot to it...I am already using it in Airhauler. :) )


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It looks like a Cub that's been eating to many greasy hamburgers. :D I love that lawnmower engine sound and it has a nice modeling job, thanks for the look and the link. It will make a sightseeing aircraft. :)


I do wonder about that large forehead rest on the dash, must have had aggressive breaks. :P

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It is kind of cute and its the kind of AC that would love to have in real life.

So what do you haul in this one¿

If you knew Airhauler...ha...anything from Airhauler CDs to snakes. I try my best to avoid hauling Livestock cargoes, especially if they require two trips. The Aeronca only carries at best 200 lbs...the second leg might literally be for a Leg. :(

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