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Dovetail Games first Orbx Airport is available for FSX Steam Edition

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Chatham, Kent – 15th September 2015 Earlier this year, Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of a range of simulation games, announced that it had agreed a partnership with flight simulation software publisher and developer Orbx Simulation Systems. Dovetail Games is pleased to announce Orbx’s Friday Harbor is now available to purchase from the FSX: Steam Edition store.


Friday Harbor for FSX: Steam Edition is optimized specifically for the Steam platform. This high-quality airport and scenery pack will feature an automatic installation process via Steam, making Friday Harbor your default starting location and will be completely self-contained without any dependencies on previous releases from Orbx. Friday Harbor is available exclusively first to FSX: Steam Edition consumers.


A superb photo real edition, this add-on offers levels of detail you've never experienced before, taking the player to one of the most beautiful bush flying locations in the world, the San Juan Islands in the US Pacific Northwest. The islands’ main airport, KHFR Friday Harbor, has been accurately reproduced down to the tiniest detail, alongside nine other airfields. In addition, every grass strip and private airport on San Juan Island has also been given a full makeover giving you a wealth of locations to explore.


Key Features:

Detailed ground imagery at 15cm per pixel for the airport

Photo realistic representation of San Juan Island in 60cm per pixel

Custom 5m-terrain mesh for the entire island

Intricately modelled airport, marina and fishing village

Animated people and vehicles around the airport

3D volumetric trees, grasses and vegetation

Accurate shore watermasks

Expert color matching per season

Optional custom autogen trees for improved authenticity

Optional custom ground bump map for improved clarity

Full DLC control panel app to customize player’s level of detail


Airfields included:

•KFHR Friday Harbor (Main airport)

•1WA9 Friday West

•WA09 Roche Harbor

•61WA Burden Field

•2W4 Kanaka Bay

•2W7 False Bay

•1W4 Schoolhouse Field

•3WA5 Hidden Meadows

•W33 Friday Harbor Seaplane base

•W39 Roche Harbor Seaplane base


Orbx’s Friday Harbor is now available on Steam, featuring an introductory 15% discount for the first seven days (ends 22nd September 2015). To purchase Friday Harbor for FSX: Steam Edition, click here.

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It will be available from Orbx on the 15th of December 2015, once the exclusivity deal runs out.


Great timing so us DVD'rs can budget it for a Xmas bonus.

Doubt it will be on "holiday sale" as a new product (in fact I'm not holding my breath that ORBx will offer a holiday sale :(  ), but would make a nice stocking bonus regardless.

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