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How to remove a deleted flight plan which won't go away?

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A while ago in FSX I created a flight plan from London City to Farnborough as a test.  It was stored in C\Users\Me\Docs\FSX Files as IFR London City to Farnborough.  After a while I went into FSX Files and deleted it.


But now whenever I start FSX I see a warning window on the Splash Screen saying the file cannot be found.  I click OK and the message repeats.  I click OK and FSX runs as advertised.


I have been back to FSX Files and deleted all of my IFR files in the hope that would sort the problem out, it hasn't.


This warning message is beginning to annoy me, does anyone know of a way to remove it?  I know about the trick when adding Scenery to FSX in Win 7, is there a similar to removing flight plan files


I am using Win7 HP with FSX Gold edition


Thank you

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My guess is that you managed to save a new default situation with this flight plan in it, thus causing FSX to look for the .pln file on start up.

Try starting up a flight with no flight plan loaded, and the save the flight, ticking the "Make this the default flight" in the save flight dialogue and see if that resolves the issue.

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