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Just Flight Tornado GR-1 Service Pack 3 Released.

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The official JF release...



Service Pack 3 Content:

  • Fully optimised aircraft models and coding.
    Significant improvements in performance are now available in the new Tornado release.
    The aircraft models have been reworked to use less VAS memory and the gauge code has been optimised.
    The aircraft now uses the front seat only by default. Users with high-spec PCs can enable the rear navigators position via a configuration tool found in the Start Menu. Users of lower-powered machines can configure effects and features in order to obtain the most enjoyable performance based on their specific hardware.
  • New features and enhancements added
    Prepar3d Version 3 compatibility.
    New switchable bright/dim and steady/flashing navigation and obstruction aircraft lights, resizable 2D TV screen popups, enhanced sounds added, refuelling tanker can now be spawned and re-spawned, reworked HUD matched to authentic HUD camera footage from the Tornado and many more.
  • A refined flight model based on expert feedback to give a truly authentic piloting experience and many fixes and modifications throughout the aircraft.

Full details and instructions on how to get the Service Pack can be found here:


Quick Start Guide video:

If you'd like to start flying in the Tornado as soon as possible, take a look at the new Quick Start Guide video on the Tornado GR1 page - this five-minute tutorial will walk you through all the cockpit procedures necessary to get the aircraft airborne!


The Service Packs have done much to improve the fluidity and frame rate performance of the Tornado, and if you'd like to see how well this highly complex and super-detailed aircraft performs on your PC system, a Demo is available to download and fly. The Demo is limited to 15 minutes of flying time per flight and comes with only one livery (RAF 12 Squadron) but otherwise features all the content from the full Tornado package.

To get your free demo aircraft, simply add the free demo to your basket and proceed through our secure shopping cart - if you are already a Just Flight customer you can login to use your existing details, otherwise we'll automatically create your login details for you as soon as you complete the order and will send you an email with a link to access your account and a "Thank you for purchasing" email from us. Don't be alarmed - the value shown will be 0.00 and you are not required to enter any payment details, the only requirement is your name and a valid email address so we can provide you with the demo Tornado GR1 aircraft.

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