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FTX NA - KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport

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Looks like Orbx has done a good job with that release.

Even with the schoolboy errors with the textures, it still looks like a worthwhile buy, especially as they haveisn't thed much of the surrounding area as well... this isn't just one airport in the middle of stock FSX scenery.

Might have to add it to the Christmas list ;)

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Many thanks for your meticulous review, BB!

This isn't an airport that I knew about previously, but it's certainly an interesting one. Although I don't often fly in the U.S. I reckon I could get my 744 in and out of there if I watch the loading. Hmm.... :)



a.k.a. brian747

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Thanks for the review Brian, :thum: well done and looks like a winner. :)


Those are some high approach altitudes on the chart I don't normally see. :D 


Should be fun coming out of there with a heavily loaded GA aircraft with a carbureted engine. Avon looks like a cool strip too, it looked slopped from the pic.

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