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Something strange is going on on my FSX install. I have what I can only describe as view creep.  


I was starting a flight the other day and I noticed something strange. My view forward in my cockpit was juddering. It was as if I was moving my view to the left and then back to where it should be, it was happening all the time but with slight variances in the judders.


My first thought was 'is it something to do with EZDok?  So I switched out EZDok.  My judder became a creep. It seems that the viewpoint was moving to the left and being bought back into line by EZDok and having switched it out there was nothing to bring the view back and so the judder became a creep. with no EZDok the view point is constantly moving to the left. If I switch to the cockpit view, I slowly slide left through the cockpit wall and continue to move slowly to the left.  If I move to an outside view, then the same happens.


Has anyone any idea what this could be?  I am completely stumped as to what is causing it.  I

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Wow that's new I've never heard of this before. I would have thought ezdok may have a sticky key or something but with ezdok disabled god knows what this could be.

Has it changed akl of a sudden and was it working previously?

Have you installed any new addons or updates to your PC?

Have you checked the shortcut keys in fsx for views just in case it's fumbled and set a key or something to a view?

Is it every aircraft?


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By process of elimination I found it!


I have a rudder trim on my Joystick that was causing an issue.  I had it set up in FSUIPC in the Axis assignment section; on the left side as Rudder trim and at the same time on the right side as move eye point left.  


So FSUIPC was obeying both commands at the same time.  I deleted the eye point part of the axis asignment and that fixed it.  I didnt know that you could effectively assigb two commands to one control in FSUIPC.  It seems you can!

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