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On the subject of dumb things you might do in AH

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Yesterday, I booted up AH with the intention of doing some business. Did I ever! 


During the process, the AH "Fleet" page was open. I always check this first to see if there's any maintenance (or hopefully not, repairs) needed before the days flying starts.


One thing I noted is that my TrackBall was a bit 'draggy'. This happens periodically unless you pull out the little ball and clean the contact points as they build up a bit of dust. Kind of like what your wife calls 'Dust Bunnies' - you know, the ones that live under the bed.


Imagine my surprise (read chagrin) when I completed the cleaning job only to find I'd sold a $40M airplane, my B738, for $15M.


So, lesson learned - clean up the dust bunnies before booting the computer.


Now, I'm off to buy another airplane.   :(

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I think I have the same trackball (Logitech MH570) and the same problem with dirt collecting on the ball contact points requiring a 90 second cleaning operation once in a while.  Not sure if you're aware of it but there's a little slide switch on the bottom of the trackball. Shut it off before cleaning and you can avoid that problem.


Live and learn, eh?


Sincere sympathies.  



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