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FlyJSim - 727 Series for X-Plane

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Love the 727, and I realize this is for X-Plane, which I do not own, but the exterior modeling in those examples look like the default AI aircraft in FSX, which is not saying much.  Looks like it is in serious need of some McPhat hi-res repaints.

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Great review, Jess!     :D


It's a quirky aircraft by today's standards, but nonetheless you seem to have taken command with consummate ease (which is no mean feat), so huge congratulations on that, too.    :thum:


I can't honestly say that it's on my personal bucket list of Aircraft I Can't Wait to Vly Before I Die, but it's definitely....interesting. (Or was that a Chinese Curse?).     ;)


A most enjoyable read -- thank you.    :)





a.k.a. brian747


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Great review Jess. Although I don't have XPlane, I have a fondness for the 727 so read it with interest. TBH old school is my preferred way of flying as, as you say, you are kept busy trying to stay ahead of the beast.

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