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Sorry Martin, I don't have any Russian aircraft in my collection. I mainly concentrate on the RAF.  The pics look good on the flight 1 page, but I guess as there is no review in the Mutley collection then its a $32 leap into the unknown.


Looking at other Flight 1 reviews on the Mutley list, they seem to be about the 8 to 9 out of ten mark.



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Don't have it. Sorry. But my Flight 1 Super 80 is superb! If they did the same with the Flanker you will be impressed. But it also depends on who the developer is. Flight 1 is the publisher. Coolsky developed the Super 80. But overall I think Flight 1 has high standards. Did you check You Tube for any reviews of it?

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Thanks to all who took the trouble to respond to this.


I could not find any actual reviews on YouTube and there seems to be little on line about the Flight1 Su-27 Flanker B.  It does look like it is produced with ALS-SIM.


Now for the embarrassing part...I did buy it a way back, but it did not install right and unfortunately I did not create an account, so I lost it. :th_blush:  (I told you in a previous post that I am not good on a computer).  Anyway, it appeared in FSX like a skeleton with bits missing (like the problem someone had with the AFS F-4 Phantom).  After reading that post, I checked to see if it is DX10 compatible, and it appears to be...however...that particular site said that I have to 'have full administration rights' when installing (I am on Windows 7 64 bit)...maybe that is where I went wrong?


Anyway, it is one to consider, but I am loving the Bear Studios Su-30.  I did consider the Naval version, but I guess that I am really hoping for a proper Sea Flanker in Russian markings!!  Anyway, I enjoy the Aerosoft F-14 and it's carrier.  Maybe one day, I will be able to figure out Tac-Pack and how to fire the missiles!! :whis:


Happy New Year to all out there.



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