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I have started a brand new FSX install on a new PC and cant seem to do the following:


  • Have the start resolution set to 1920 x 1080 - it always starts at 1280 x 720.
  • Have the start anti-aliasing setting on and set to anisotropic - it always starta with anti-aliasing off and the dropdown box on the topmost value of bilinear.
  • Finally, FSX always starts up full screen, I cant seem to get it to start in windowed mode.

Any help on sorting out these issues would be great, I am not adverse to making changes to config files.



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Hey John,

I believe that if you set everything the way you want it, then save that flight, FSX should start with those settings.

Other than that you could set everything in the fsx.cfg. Adjust what you want in that file and save it. That should also sort it for you.

Good luck.

I am also going through a complete re-install, happy dazed. :D

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Sounds like the settings are not saved to your FSX.cfg for some reason.. 


Double check that the permissions in your C.\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX folder aren't out of wack for some reason...


Easiest way to check it should be to check the "last updated"-date for your FSX.cfg file.



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I have had a look and tinker with my FSX.cfg file.  I think I have sorted everything except the resolution.


I have the correct numbers in the cfg file but something is overriding it. 

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I have found the culprit.  I use a starter app called SimStarter.


Its a very good app for setting up all sorts of variables but I cant get it to use the resolution I want. The correct entries are in the fsx.cfg file but they seem to be overridden by SimStarter.  there may be a way to fix this in SimStarter but I haven't managed to find it yet!

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