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JF Canberra problem

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I've had the JF, FSX Canberra PR9 for a while and the small number of times that I've used it it has been fine, ....That is until now. For some reason the other day when I went to use the aircraft some parts of it were missing from the model as it appeared on the screen, Now recently I'd cleaned up a lot of stuff on the PC and also dumped a lot of rarely used aircraft.. The Canberra though should not have been affected.  However I redownloaded the aircraft from JF and although it seemed to load ok, when I went to use it the whole sim just crashed. I tried it again from a default airfield  just in case it was the a/m scenery file that was causing the problem. Again the same thing happened. A "fatal error" occured and the sim crashed. Other aircraft do not seem to be affected, I've tried several and all work fine. However I then completely uninstalled the Canberra from the sim, then Reloaded the whole thing from JF yet again. However upon trying to use it, the system crashed again.  I tried several other aircraft including a DC3, Meteor, Lightning and others, all run fine. Just the Canberra seems to be affected by this glitch. Any ideas as to what could be causing it?  Many thanks.

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Ok I seem to have sorted the problem, I had the aircraft backed up onto my reserve hangar as well on the External drive.  I reloaded it from there as I knew that was a working version when I stowed it. It seems to be up and running again now.

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Nice work Alan, also a good example of why backing up is so important. :thum:


Still odd why it happened, did you check the error log for what the cause was?

No unfortunately I didn't. I was more interested in getting the thing working again. The other day my BAe 146 lost a lot of bits as well, but a re-install from JF seemed to cure it.  I think it may one of the recent Windows updates that may be causing compatibility issues. Not checked all my aircraft yet so it could be affecting others that I'm not aware of.

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