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Airport Diagrams and Terminal Procedures ..Help Please

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These are great additions to Plan-g and I really appreciate them. I have been downloading them one at a time whis is rather tiring. Is there some way to select a group for downloading?

Btw...I use Plan-g networked on my laptop and it is a great way to monitor my plane;s progress.

Regards to all

Neal Howard

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There are "chart packages" available. Research those on the Mutley's Downloads Page - Mutley's Hangar Forums/File Library/Airport Diagrams.


John Allard, the resident guru and tireless airport diagram producer makes the following comment on some of the available charts:


If any user is interested I'll arrange a one-time bulk transfer of all available airport diagram files. Contact me at the e-mail address above.


You will find John's email on the bottom right corner of almost all of your charts.

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