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Anyone using the Bronco?

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I'm trying to solve an issue I have with the Bronco, regarding fuel management in flight.

The manual says the Bronco has five tanks: a central tank, 2 inboard, 2 outboard.

Fuel flow is managed by engine driven pumps, taking fuel from the outboard tanks first, then inboard, then central.

The problem is that as soon as a tank is emptied the engine quits. This always happens.

I suppose that the engine driven pumps should start to get fuel from the inner tanks instead.

I see no switch on the engine panel to select the tanks. The process, as I understand, should be totally automatic.

Version is 1.12, purchased from JF store.


Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Hi Rosario,


I haven't flown it in a while, but I remember reading about the fuel management.  You don't switch tanks, gravity and automatic pumps feed the central "sump" tank from the outer tanks which then feeds the engines.  If the engines are dying when the outer tanks run dry there is a serious problem.  If the central tank is dry, you are out of fuel. 


Manual fuel management comes into play if you have an external tank.  The fuel pump has to be turned on to transfer the fuel out of that tank into the primary system.


I don't know if I've flown it long enough to ever run out of fuel, although the longest flight was just over 2 hours.

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Hi Pete

Thanks for your answer.

So, looks like I have something faulty in my Bronco. Reinstall didn't fix the issue.

I've made several tests. Each time one of the four wing tanks is empty, the engine quits.

Another thing I noticed is that, even with full fuel on board, the fuel gauge doesn't reach 100% value.

I see JF doesn't have a support page for the Bronco. I guess I should explain the issue via Aerosoft.

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