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I have two Saitek FIPs ans I am trying to get them working with my new PC.


However I keep getting the following errors:


Failed to open DirectOutput.DLL key in the registry.




Failed to read the name of DirectOutput.DLL


Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong?  I have tried Googling these errors but any reply I get is to generic to be of much use.



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Hi JG,

Have you checked you have the file installed on the C: drive.

Usually here: C:\Program Files\Saitek\DirectOutput

If not, reinstall your fip drivers and check you get this file added to the program files.

I will keep checking to see what else it can be.

Good luck,


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I never download any of that stuff unless someone I know vouches for it.


The thought was to figure out a way to redownload whatever gave you that DLL in the first place to replace the one that might be no good.

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